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Precious Celebration Cakes from Little Diamond Baker

Pure indulgence from Faye Diamond of Little Diamond Baker. As the name suggests the cakes she bakes are pure class. So how did Little Diamond Baker come to fruition? And what does supplying cakes for Detling Community Store mean for Faye and her business?

In the first of a series of blogs focusing on the store's all important suppliers and volunteers, we interviewed Faye Diamond from Little Diamond Baker. Faye Diamond supplies the beautifully crafted cakes that take pride of place on the shelf behind the Deli.

What started out as a hobby 7 years ago turned in to a business 5 years ago when, after making a cake for her daughter’s first birthday, Faye discovered a new talent. She received so many complements and further bookings from this one cake that she decided to take the plunge and set up her own business.

After giving up her full time job, Little Diamond Baker is now a full time concern for Faye. She works from her kitchen and has the necessary level 5 food, health & hygiene ratings.

She currently supplies to four local coffee shops and has no need for publicity as most of her business come from word of mouth orders and returning customers.

The creations are entirely handmade, including the beautifully intricate decorations that adorn them. These take time to craft so Faye has to limit production to 6-12 shop cakes a week and between 4-8 celebration cakes.

Chocolate is the most popular flavour. Faye specialises in fondant celebration cakes but she says that carrot cake is the best seller.

Little Diamond Baker shares the same ethos as Detling Community Store. All the cakes are made using locally sourced ingredients and the wholesale order is kept to a minimum.

What gives Faye the most satisfaction is receiving favourable comments from her customers and many orders come off the back of people eating her cakes at special events. She admits though that Detling Community Store has been a great springboard for her business as she now suppliers to two other shops on the back of this venture.

I am very grateful to Detling Community Store for giving me the opportunity to supply my home made cakes to an up and coming business. Orders for my special occasion cup cakes like Mothers Day and Valentines have doubled, due largely to the increase in private orders from Detling residents. Thanks Detling!
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